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Op-ed: Alabama physicians face challenges head-on during vaccine rollout

By: John Meigs, Jr., MD, President – Medical Association of the State of Alabama   Because of a seemingly slow rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, ... Read more

8 months ago by Staff Reports.

Hospital Week began May 10; reach out and thank them today

Most heroes don’t appear until you need them. We don’t give them much thought until we’re in a crisis, and our gratitude often fades quickly ... Read more

1 year ago by Staff Reports.

Richardson says ‘goodbye’

Dear Patients, I am writing this letter is to inform you that I have decided to retire. My last day seeing patients in the clinic ... Read more

2 years ago by Staff Reports.

Greenville alum congratulates 2019 graduates on milestone

Congratulations to 2019 Graduates Greenville High School, Greenville, Alabama Graduation is an exciting word. It implies the completion or achievement of a milestone in your ... Read more

2 years ago by Staff Reports.

Greenville delivers again

Dear Editor, Earlier this month the City of Greenville hosted the Alabama Dixie Debs and Dixie Belles State Tournaments at our local Sportsplex to great ... Read more

5 years ago by Staff Reports.

Visiting the Ritz brings back memories

I was visiting family and friends recently in Greenville and had the chance to attend Putting on the Ritz, which I enjoyed very much. Read more

5 years ago by Staff Reports.

‘Caring’ Walmart employee comes to rescue of reader during storm

Dear Editor,   On July 23, I was in the local Walmart when it started thundering. Hoping to get back to my car before the ... Read more

6 years ago by Staff Reports.

Alliance is seeking contributions

Alabama’s Lobbying Alliance — a non profit alliance — that’s committed to truth and justice coupled with all other essential characteristics for completeness, will in ... Read more

7 years ago by Staff Reports.

Domestic violence law needs to be examined

In response to your article concerning high profile domestic violence cases, I would like to offer the following: Read more

7 years ago by Staff Reports.

Why should business be punished for shooting?

Dear Editor, There are lots of comments swirling regarding the shooting that occurred on Sunday outside of the Front Street Pub. In the aftermath, the ... Read more

7 years ago by Staff Reports.

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